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Shift to Solar develops, manufactures and sells solar canopies suitable for all types of electric cars and micro-traffic, such as e-bikes, e-steps and mobility scooters. We also install solar panels on (company) roofs. We deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Shift to Solar's ambition has always been to help create a more beautiful world. That is why we want to use our solar bicycle stands and carports with solar panels contribute to the attractiveness of cities and towns. The focus is increasingly on the environment, responsible use of raw materials and energy. We are shifting from responsible business to circular business.

We need to think ahead and dare to make decisions that often serve the common good. Share knowledge and come up with smart, forward-thinking solutions together with customers and partners that we can all enjoy, every day.

Shift to Solar enjoys working for clients who take the environment seriously, and together we want to make a substantial contribution to a beautiful, healthier, circular world.

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More and more it can be seen that cars are being looked at in an environmentally conscious way and this development is moving at breakneck speed. Small electric traffic, such as e-bikes, e-scooters and e-steps, is lagging behind in this area, and that is precisely where opportunities and possibilities lie. In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in electric bikes, among other things. Companies also want to encourage their employees to come to work by bike. 

However, there are no options yet for charging the bikes in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. The solution we have come up with for this is the bicycle parking with solar panels. This allows us to park, charge, generate and save electricity in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Shift to Solar is aware that we need to keep innovating in sustainable mobility solutions. In the coming years, the challenge is to keep developing.

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