Private solar panels

Sustainability and savings

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Solar panels with a attractive return

Become more sustainable and save money? Invest in solar panels now as an individual and benefit from your own renewable energy source within 8 weeks. By installing solar panels, you reduce your energy bills, improve the sustainability of your home and contribute to a circular world. 

Request a no-obligation quote and our specialists will contact you about your roof options.

  • Lower energy bill
  • Better energy label home
  • Reducing C02 emissions
  • Attractive returns
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Why individuals choose
the solar panels from Shift to Solar

Saving on energy costs

With your own solar panels, you are less susceptible to fluctuating energy prices. That gives peace of mind and you will see it reflected in your energy bills every month.

Short payback period

With current tariffs, the average payback period is between 5 and 10 years for individuals. Investing today means saving tomorrow.

Installation by experts

Correct and safe installation is very important. The installer will then contact you to go through your situation and make an appointment.

The best quality glass-glass solar panels

The quality of solar panels can vary greatly, and as an individual you naturally want the investment to last as long as possible. At Shift to Solar, we use the highest quality glass-glass solar panels. Whereas other panels often have a plastic backing, these consist entirely of glass. This has a number of advantages:

  • Long service life and 30-year product warranty
  • Minimal degradation, maintaining optimum energy yield
  • High-quality materials with a 25% higher energy yield

Private solar panels within eight weeks.

Our specialists are at your service

Shift to Solar is the market leader in solar canopies for electric cars and micro traffic. We install solar panels on all kinds of roofs. Because solar panels are largely in stock with us, we can deliver within 8 weeks.

Our specialists help you get the most out of your roof with solar panels. Maximum benefit from solar energy is the goal. This is how you save the most on your energy bill.


Would you like to have solar panels installed by Shift to Solar? Then contact us for a tailor-made, no-obligation quote. This can be done via our fixed telephone number 0529-700214 or by leaving your details below. We will then contact you by mail or phone.

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