Covered bicycle parking

covered cycle shed with bicycle charging points

Covered bicycle parking. Also for electric bikes!

Covered bicycle parking at the business park is often an unused piece of land. Of course it is handy to have a place to store bikes neatly, but these days there is so much more possible than just a canopy for bicycle parking.

Especially with the increasing use of electric bikes, it is important to provide solutions for charging. And let that be our speciality!

Shift to Solar makes solar energy available for micro-traffic. We don't just build covered bicycle shelters; we equip them with solar panels and charging stations for charging electric vehicles.

  • Bicycle shed is fully recyclable
  • Mobile and available in various sizes
  • Equipped with solar panels and charging points
  • Suitable for all electric bikes
solar bicycle parking

Why you want to choose a covered solar-powered bicycle parking


The covered bicycle sheds generate green energy from solar panels. Multifunctional and future-proof.

Universal charging

The bike shed is equipped with universal charging points, suitable for all small electric traffic.

For every organisation

From schools to businesses, our covered bike shelters fit everywhere. A practical choice for any site.

Free recharging

Easily charge your electric bike, scooter or scooter? Thanks to the charging points, they are always ready for the next ride.


The covered bicycle shed is hufterproof and resistant to bad weather. Robust for the long term.

Fully circular

Our bicycle stands are made of fully recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Customisation choice & options

Check out the options or submit your personal requirements

solar bicycle parking

Covered bicycle parking

The bicycle shed is made of a strong steel construction. The shed is an open construction as standard, but can also be supplied with an access door.
  • Frame in any RAL colour
  • Including built-in LED lighting
  • Glass Solar Panels 450WP
  • 30-year product warranty

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about how Shift to Solar works

What does your covered bicycle parking consist of?

  • The basic structure of the bicycle cover with solar panels consists of a robust steel frame, which is available in any RAL colour of your choice if required. This makes it possible to fully customise the charging points to your corporate colours. Electric vehicles can be placed in a single-sided row, or both next to and facing each other (double-sided).
  • The charging facility features an enclosure with individual charging boxes, in which users can safely store and charge their batteries. Although the standard version has an open structure, a version with an access door can also be chosen. The charging enclosure is suitable for placement outdoors as well as in a covered, enclosed bicycle shed.
  • The charging points have built-in LED lighting with motion sensors as standard, making it well-lit even in the evening hours.

Why the choice of glass solar panels?

  • We use glass solar panels on our covered bicycle shelters because of their high efficiency and long life. The panels have a 25% higher energy production with a 30-year warranty period.
  • The anti-reflective solar glass minimises the reflection of sunlight, allowing the solar cells to absorb maximum sunlight. The PERC solar cells are exceptionally good at converting this sunlight into solar energy. The semi-transparent solar panels therefore generate more energy, especially during sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather.

How does a covered bicycle parking with BCS Smart charging station work?

  • The covered bike shed is equipped with a BCS Smart charging station for secure and regulated charging. The charging station features four charging points, including 1 x Shimano, 1 x Bosch and 2x SCHUKO┬« 230V, meaning it can accommodate a wide range of chargers for micromobility. The charging station features a fixed cable system 2.5 metres long, allowing you to effortlessly charge your vehicle no matter where you are parked in the garage.
  • The station is equipped with a display showing the status of each individual charge point. The connection is compatible with the 230/400V network. Depending on the number and size of vehicles to be charged, you can choose to store the electricity in a battery. Excess power is returned to the grid for other purposes, so no energy is wasted.

Do I need a permit?

If you want to buy a covered bicycle shed, no permit is usually required for its installation. Not even if we fit it with solar panels. This means that you can start setting up or installing the bike shed without a specific permit, provided the plot on which you do so belongs to you. However, if you rent the premises and associated land, you will need to get permission from the landowner before installing the bike shed.

Parking, electric charging, generation and savings

Shift to Solar aims to provide as many companies as possible with sustainable, charging and energy solutions. In doing so, we take the environment into account and make it more attractive for staff to cycle to work.

Are you interested in buying a covered bicycle shed? Shift to Solar realises it for you. Not only are our bike racks covered, they are also fully circular and movable. The chargers are universal, meaning that any brand of electric bike can be charged in the shelter.

 Interested? Contact us for a tailor-made, no-obligation quote.

Shift to Solar provides covered parking for (electric) bicycles and other small traffic with the aim of parking, charging, generating and saving electricity in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Rens van Gurp
Shift to Solar

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