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Sheltered and economical charging of your electric car

Solar carport

Solar carport at home Parking & charging

Do you want to generate your own solar energy and store your car dry? If so, a solar carport is a great, sustainable solution. The roof of the carport is made of solar panels, allowing you to generate your own electricity. So while your car is sheltered, you can charge your electric car or generate energy for your home.

Shift to Solar can install the complete solar carport within 8 weeks. You can also assemble the carport yourself with our carport construction kit.

  • Suitable for any electric car
  • Sustainable through green energy generation
  • Made of fully recyclable material
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
solar carport

Customisation choice & options

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Single solar carport

A solar carport for 1 car. Expected yield 3,690 kWh.
  • Wooden or steel construction
  • 9x Glass Solar Panels 450Wp
  • Inverter (battery ready)
  • The complete installation is assembled

Double solar carport

A solar carport for 2 cars. Expected output 6,150 kWh.
  • Wooden or steel construction
  • 15x Glass Solar Panels 450Wp
  • Inverter (battery ready)
  • The complete installation is assembled

This is why individuals choose
for Shift to Solar

Personal advice

The solar carport is more than just a parking solution. We are happy to give you personal advice on our products and installations.


Shift to Solar's solutions are always tailor-made. Together, we look at the conditions that best suit your needs.

Installation by experts

Correct and safe installation of a solar carport is very important. All our mechanics are certified and experts in charging solutions.

Solar carport costs privately.

You might be curious about the price of a solar carport for individuals. What may it cost? Every living situation is different and you naturally have certain wishes for a carport at home. What about subsidies? As an individual, you no longer get a subsidy for solar panels. However, you do currently save money because of the 0% VAT rate on solar panels on homes.

The cost of a solar carport is from €9,995 excluding VAT. Ask request an offer to quickly find out more about the exact cost.

At Shift to Solar, we also offer DIY packages for a private solar carport. This means that you purchase all materials and supplies from us, then assemble it yourself. Then the costs will be lower.

Preserve your home with a solar carport

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive. More and more individuals are therefore choosing to invest in solar panels. Possibly with a home battery. A solar carport is a unique opportunity to invest in making your home more sustainable. Your electric car is charged by the panels while it is protected in the carport.


Want a solar carport at home? Shift to Solar provides customised solutions. This means that we will talk to you about what best suits your home. Whether you need a single or double carport with solar panels, together we will provide a customised plan. Our complete solar panel sets are currently mostly in stock!

Experience stories from others

Some of Shift to Solar's satisfied customers
solar bike stand installation

Within 8 weeks, what a top service

At the business park, we had a solar bicycle shed installed by Shift to Solar. The whole process from quotation, design, installation and monitoring was excellent. We are very happy with the quick delivery. For us, a worry-free process by a trusted party.
solar double wooden carport

Great! Super nice that it could be done like this

We are super happy with our solar carport, where we can park and charge our electric cars. They thought with us and did a beautiful job.
Wooden solar carport single

Extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with

We really liked the product and, above all, its installation. The installation team was extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with.
R. de Heer
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Frequently asked questions

Find out more about how Shift to Solar works

Do I need a permit for a carport?

Usually, no licence required If your carport is smaller than 30 square metres and no higher than 3 metres. The carport must be placed in the rear yard area of the house. However, structures in the front yard area often require a permit. If you have Shift to Solar install your carport, we can help with the permit application.

Is the carport suitable for my electric car?

If you are considering buying a solar carport for your home, it is good to know that the built-in charger is universal. This means it is compatible with any electric car. So, no matter what make or model of electric car you have, you can charge it easily and hassle-free under your own solar carport.

How much space do I need for a carport?

An average car needs a parking space about 2.5 metres wide and 5 metres long. A single carport should therefore have at least these dimensions, but often this is a lot wider. You need to allow for extra space to get in and out easily and to accommodate the carport. The minimum recommended dimensions for a carport are 3 by 6 metres (18 m²). Are you unsure about the possibilities? We will be happy to advise you.

Do you also deliver in Belgium?

Shift to Solar also supplies solar carports to individuals in Belgium. Please contact us so that we can make an appointment. Shift to Solar's solutions are always tailor-made. We therefore look together at the conditions that best suit your needs.

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