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Discover the benefits of solar panels on your shed

Sheds often have a flat or pitched roof that is suitable for installing solar panels. It can be a good solution if your home's roof does not get enough sunlight, for example, or if you need more solar panels than will fit on your home. Do you choose solar panels from Shift to Solar? Then you are choosing a sustainable investment, a fine collaboration and a very attractive return

  • Lower energy bill
  • 30-year product warranty
  • Attractive returns
  • Installed within 8 weeks
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Why individuals choose
the solar panels from Shift to Solar

Saving on energy costs

With solar panels on your barn roof, you are less susceptible to fluctuating energy prices. That gives peace of mind and you'll see it reflected in your energy bills every month.

Short payback period

With current rates, the average payback period for solar panels is between 5 and 10 years. Investing today means saving tomorrow.

Installation by experts

Correct and safe installation of solar panels on your shed is very important. The installer will contact you to go through your situation.

Can you always have solar panels on your shed?

Whether you can install solar panels on your shed depends on several factors:

  • Load-bearing capacity of the barn
  • Type of roof and roof covering
  • Presence of shade
  • Size of the roof area

Important is the strength of the roof structure and the suitability of the roof covering, as not all materials can support the weight of solar panels. The orientation and type of shed roof (flat or sloping) also play a role. It is also important to take into account any shade from trees or buildings, which can reduce the output of the solar panels.

Installing solar panels remains custom-made, because every roof is different. Make a no-obligation appointment and our specialists will be happy to advise you on the possibilities for your shed.

A solar solution that fits your situation perfectly.

Our specialists are at your service

Shift to Solar is the market leader in solar canopies. We install solar panels on all kinds of roofs, including sheds, garden sheds and garages. Because solar panels are largely in stock with us, we can deliver within 8 weeks.

Our specialists help you get the most out of your solar panels. We always think along with you to come up with a solution that fits your situation perfectly.


Would you like to have solar panels installed on your barn? Then contact us for a tailor-made, no-obligation quote. You can do this via our fixed telephone number 0529-700214 or by leaving your details below. We will then contact you by mail or phone.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about solar panels

How many solar panels will fit on the shed?

To determine how many solar panels you can install on your shed, divide the total area of the roof by the size of a standard solar panel. Say your shed roof is 10 m² and a standard solar panel is 2.5 m² on average, you could theoretically install 4 panels (10 m² divided by 2.5 m² per panel).

In practice, however, it is not possible to use the entire surface of the roof. Room for eaves, ventilation and sometimes shade from surrounding objects must be taken into account. it is therefore advisable to consult a specialist for an accurate estimate, adapted to the specific characteristics of your shed roof.

How many solar panels do I need?

For an average household, 10 solar panels are often enough. If there is not enough space on the house itself for all the panels, the roof of the shed in the backyard can offer a good alternative.

The roof of a barn is not always big enough for many solar panels. But that need not be an objection. Even with a smaller amount of solar panels, the investment is worthwhile and you will earn it back in time. A set of 6 panels often fits perfectly on the roof of a smaller shed or garden shed.

How do I maintain solar panels on my shed or summerhouse?

Solar panels require relatively little maintenance, but it is important to clean them regularly. This means keeping them free of dirt, dust and leaves. In winter, it is advisable to remove snow from the panels. Occasional repairs may also be necessary. Solar panels on a shed or garden house are often easier to reach than those on a house, which makes maintenance easier.

Can I have solar panels installed on a wooden shed?

Yes, it is often possible to install solar panels on a wooden shed. The most important consideration here is the load-bearing capacity of the barn structure. To be sure that the structure of your wooden shed is strong enough for solar panels, it is best to hire a recognised company to carry out a roof inspection. They will assess the load-bearing capacity, roof area and other relevant factors. Based on this, they can give you appropriate advice on the options

Do I need a permit?

Installing solar panels usually does not require a permit, unless it is a listed building or a property in a protected town or villagescape. Check the local zoning plan for specific requirements. If in doubt, you can do a permit check or check with the municipality.

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