Charger for electric bicycle

Electric bikes, they come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Women's and men's bicycles;
  • Bakfiets;
  • City bikes;
  • Sports bikes;
  • And much more.

All these bikes appear from different brands. Super convenient, this ensures there is enough choice for everyone to buy the best-fit bike. These brands also all use their own type of charger. In itself, no problem if you just charge the bike at home. If you only have a charger for 1 type of electric bike, but want to offer it for different bikes, this is not possible with a regular charger. For this, a regular charger for an electric bike is not sufficient and you need a universal charger.

Universal chargers for electric bikes

Universal electric bike chargers are the solution to this problem. Using these chargers, it is possible to charge all (!) electric bikes using the same charger. This saves a lot of hassle with different cords, storage space, searching and money!

How does a universal bike charger work?

There is an important point to consider when buying chargers for electric bikes. This is because the voltage should not exceed the recommended amount. If the wrong charger is used, the battery may be affected in the process. 

The number of amps may well be higher. The higher the number, the faster the battery is charged. However, care should also be taken here not to use a fast charger too often. This can also damage the battery in the long run. 

Shift to Solar's Hive 'n Drive ensures that your e-bike or even scooter can be charged, whatever kind you have. All necessary cables are included with Hive 'n Drive. This allows every guest to charge their electric bike quickly, easily and safely. 

Electric bike charging point grant

Companies are increasingly investing in making their offices more sustainable. Socially, this has its advantages, but also fiscally. In the long run, investing in sustainable energy saves you a lot on energy costs. The purchase of a covered bicycle parking can cost a lot of money, but fortunately it is possible to get a grant to realise a charging point for electric bikes. In the case of Shift to Solar, that means realising a bicycle shed with solar panels and charging points for every kind of electric bike!

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