Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Want to install solar panels but not sure if your roof is suitable? Fortunately, solar panels are suitable for most roofs. However, there are some things to consider, such as the available space, the angle of inclination and possible shade. Read more about the possibilities for your roof.

Do I have enough space for solar panels?

This seems like a simple sum where you divide the area of your roof by the area of a solar panel (1.65 m2), but there is much more to it. For example, on a sloping roof, the panels should be 20 centimetres away from the ridge and eaves. And for a flat roof, it is important that the panels are not placed too close together. An average area of 2.5 m2 per solar panel is then taken into account. 

You can do this check at Environment Central. For this, you need the following data:

  1. Electricity consumption last year
  2. Type of roof (pitched or flat)
  3. Length and width of the roof
  4. Direction of the roof
  5. Slope of the roof
  6. Presence of a dormer window
  7. Presence of shade

Installing solar panels is customised work. It is advisable to work with a professional to see whether there is enough space for solar panels and whether they will yield sufficient returns. You can always request a non-binding appointment make with our advisers.

How much shadow falls on your roof

It is always good to check whether there is shade on your roof. Many roofs are shaded during the day, for example by trees. Shade affects the yield of solar panels, but a little bit of shade is no big deal. You can still install solar panels on a roof section if it gets sun for half the day. In addition, the yield of solar panels also depends on the weather and the season.

If shadow does fall on a panel, micro-inverters or power optimisers can provide a solution. These systems ensure that shadow on one panel does not affect the entire installation. 

Slope angle and direction of the roof

Solar panels are suitable for most homes because they can be installed in all directions except north. This is because north often captures too little solar radiation. Fortunately, pitched roofs have two sides, so there is actually always a suitable side on which to place solar panels. A south-facing roof is the most favourable in terms of yield. With a flat roof, the direction is not important, because you can determine the desired direction for the solar panels yourself.

The slope of the roof also affects the yield of your solar panels. In the Netherlands, the yield of solar panels is greatest at a pitch between 20 and 50 degrees. At a different slope, solar panels can still be an option too.

Is your roof unsuitable?

If your roof is not suitable for solar panels after all - perhaps it does not yield enough or you need a lot of panels - there are other options you can explore. These include solar panels on a carport, porch or even a shed. Our solar canopies can be ordered including assembly. Together, we provide a tailor-made plan. 

Are you interested in solar panels or do you need advice? Then feel free to contact us so we can look at the possibilities together.

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