Sustainability in the workplace

Is sustainability in the workplace a recurring topic of conversation in your workplace too? By working on it together, everyone can do their bit to help the environment. Small adjustments such as closing doors when you leave the room or turning off lights when they are not needed can make a big difference to costs and consumption on an annual basis.

Making business more sustainable

Besides the fact that you can do a lot yourself based on vigilance, there are also impactful solutions possible that ensure less energy consumption by default. For example, it is possible to invest in the insulation of your premises, replace better-insulating windows (HR++) or install automatic lights so that they do not always stay on if they are not switched off. 

Making the business premises more sustainable on a larger scale can be done, for example, through the installation of solar panels. If you have a large roof on which nothing is currently being done, it is often possible to install solar panels on it. 

Making business more sustainable with bicycle parking

Don't have a big roof or aren't looking to invest on such a large scale? Shift to Solar offers a solution with an eye to the future! We install fully circular bicycle stands with solar panels. These stands allow electric bikes to be charged by means of universal chargers. This allows any type of electric bicycle to be charged. In addition, the racks are also movable, so when you move house, the rack can simply move with you!

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