Sustainable business park

Sustainability is an important topic of conversation for businesses. The question of how, as a business owner, you can contribute to greening the generation and use of energy is central to this. A sustainable business park is one way of responding to this. 

Sustainability business

Applications are often made within the business space, such as using green electricity through solar panels or using automatic lights. In addition, the use of climate control is a solution to deal smartly with heating or cooling spaces. 

Making your business more sustainable is achievable in several areas. Obviously in terms of energy consumption, but you can also make your business sustainable in other ways:

  • Allowing staff to work from home where possible
  • Automatic lights in the rooms
  • Go for second-hand furniture and appliances where possible
  • See which business processes can be digitised to save paper

Sustainable business park

Many examples of how business premises themselves are being used for sustainability. Making the business park more sustainable is also an increasingly popular option. 

Examples sustainable business park:

  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • Solar panels for electric bikes
  • Charging stations for electric bicycles
  • Installation of heat pumps
  • HR++ glass for better insulation

Bicycle shed with solar panels

Shift to Solar is your partner in realising bicycle stands with solar panels. The solar panels on the bike shed generate energy which is used for charging electric bikes. The chargers are universal, making it possible to charge any type of electric bike. This not only gives you green energy, you also motivate your staff or guests to come to the venue by bike! 

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