Sustainability business

Making your business more sustainable: you probably hear a lot about it and are already actively working on it. Wherever you look or are, sustainability and environmental awareness is often the talk of the day. It is a topic that is high on the agenda for many companies. There are various ways to work on this and contribute to a sustainable office. 

Sustainable office

Making the office more sustainable is a development that has been going on for some time. Think, for example, of automatic lights or climate control to regulate temperature and reduce waste. 

These are examples that require investment. and have a big impact. Smaller forms of sustainability are also conceivable. Examples include:

  • Sustainable coffee/tea;
  • Plants and flowers;
  • Reducing printing;
  • No use of disposable cups. 

Sustainable business park

The business park is often somewhat forgotten. In terms of sustainability, not much is happening here yet, while there is a lot to be gained here in terms of green energy solutions, such as the installation of solar panels. Today, this is another 'empty space' that can be put to good use for sustainability in the company. A shame, right?

Shift to Solar brings sustainability to your business through a fbicycle shed with solar panels or a Solar carport to be installed. These solar panels provide green electricity to charge electric bikes. This gives you not only a bicycle shed with a roof, but also the place to charge bicycle batteries. Motivate your staff to participate in green solutions by coming to work by electric bike instead of by car. In return, it is possible to recharge the bike while at work! Your staff, guests or customers can use this bike parking facility by using the universal chargers. 

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